Manage your business on the go

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Running your own business is rewarding. But let’s be honest, it’s also a challenge.

Staying on top of industry trends, being at your clients’ beck and call, finding new clients, juggling meetings, keeping track of cash flow and filing your tax returns.

They’re all competing for your time and attention. You can end up so focused on running your business that financial and IT tasks take a back seat, creating problems that could one day come back to bite you.

Imagine if you could issue an invoice as you finish a job at a customer’s premises. Upload expenses on the fly. Effortlessly manage cash flow on the go. Technology is no longer limited to the office. With smartphones and tablets now as powerful as laptops, you can do pretty much any business task wherever you are.

This guide will show you how using simple, flexible and powerful cloud-enabled tools can help you manage your business on the go, and keep on top of your business finances.

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